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The Real Diaper Association thanks you for your interest.  The following information offers several points of contact within the organization.  If you are not sure who to contact, please email   

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Individual Contacts

Heather McNamara, Executive Director
Implements the projects and campaigns as directed by the Board of Directors, reaching out to the grassroots where the important work is done.

Lori Taylor, Chair and Faithkeeper
Organizes and monitors the overall health and functioning of RDA. Creates and enforces the mission, values and philosophy of the organization in all programs and administration. Keeps organizers focused on mission and goals. Maintains effective organizer-to-organizer communication. Strategically plans, writes and actively advises regarding policies, leadership training and web content development.

Cynthia Thompson, Secretary
Secretary of the organization. Maintains records. Editor and Newsletter Publication. Maintains bibliography and archive of diaper studies. Seeks out new research on diaper-related issues. Checks all statistics used by RDA. Writes articles, edits and proofreads materials published by RDA. Manages the content, layout, and publishes the RDA newsletter.

Marie DiCocco, Webmaster and Membership
Website and Operations. Responsible for the day-to-day maintenance, operation and enhancement of the RDA website; creating graphics, uploading content, incorporating new technologies into the website, managing the membership database script, and search engine optimization. Administers advertising program. Administers Real Diaper Events blog. Maintains membership roster and responds to questions for both individual and business members.

Angela Imes, Treasurer
Finances. Handles all financial matters, and is the financial and legal contact for RDA.

Board Members

Lori Taylor · Chair & Faithkeeper

Monique Bragg · Vice Chair

Cynthia Thompson · Secretary

Marie DiCocco · Webmaster

Angela Imes · Treasurer

Heather Bradley

Angela Torres

Elizabeth Pilgrim

Snail Mail

The Real Diaper Association
PMB #155
3401 Adams Ave, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92116-2490

RDA Hours

Please be aware that we will respond to all emails and letters as timely as possible, but we cannot guarantee an immediate response.  Please be patient, but if you feel strongly that your email or letter has been overlooked, contact us again.