Ask me about cloth diapers


The Real Diaper Association celebrated the 35th Anniversary of Earth Day with the start-up of our "Ask Me About Cloth Diapers" campaign.  In conjunction with Earth Day Network's "Protect Our Children and Our Future" theme, this campaign was created to equip YOU, the EXPERT, with the resources, tips, and tools to educate your local community towards the use of cloth diapers.  Download your full resource kit now, or pick and choose from the various advocacy tools available below as needed.  Please contact us if you need Press Quality graphics for a newsletter, local community paper or any other print media.

"Ask Me" Resource Kit   |  Button Cards   |  Banners  

GET INVOLVED! Start a local "Ask Me about Cloth Diapers" Campaign.

The Real Diaper Association knows that YOU are the EXPERT.  You cloth diaper your own child or have cloth diapered children in years past.  The "Ask Me about Cloth Diapers" campaign encourages you to be vocal in your local community. 


  • Start with sharing your own personal reasons for cloth diapering. 
  • Share diaper facts.  If you do not know diaper facts, download our advocacy cards or read through our diaper facts page to gather the knowledge.
  • Tell people, "ASK ME about cloth diapers."  Wear an RDA "ASK ME" button, create your own "ASK ME" poster, banner or display using graphics supplied by RDA.
  • If you are a business owner, you may want to buy a few "ASK ME" buttons to distribute to your customers.  Attach them to button cards to let the customers know what to do with their buttons.  Be sure to check out the "Ask Me..." banners to run at your site to further support cloth diapering.
  • Plan or attend an "Ask Me About Cloth Diapers" event!  Ask yourself who will be your specific audience?  What do they need to know about cloth diapers?  How is that best conveyed at this kind of event?
  • For any event where you will meet people face to face, take samples of new diapers for people to see and touch.  Make available pamphlets, postcards, or make flyers for them to take home.

When you plan or attend local events, let us know at Real Diaper Association so we can list your event in our RDA E-Newsletter. List.  Then, after the events, write and tell us how it went.  What worked well?  What didn't work?  What would you like to do in the future?

Download the entire "Ask Me About Cloth Diapers" Resource Kit.  Download and save the entire "Ask Me..." Campaign .zip file to your computer.   You'll get it all in one zipped-up file.  Once downloaded, you will need to extract the files to read them.  If you do not have file-extraction software, WinZip® offers a free trial download here.  The campaign media is in .pdf format.  To read and download the campaign materials, you will need the most recent version of Adobe Reader.  Click here to update or download your FREE copy of Adobe Reader.

"Ask Me About Cloth Diapers" Campaign Materials - [Download zip file]


"Ask Me..." Flyer  Available in both color and greyscale, this "Ask Me about Cloth Diapers" 8x10 inch flyer can be placed on your local bulletin board, refrigerator, passed-out at Circle Meetings, Attachment Parenting groups where mothers cloth diaper, and anywhere else where an activist might be stirred to get involved with this year's cloth diapering campaign.

To read and download the following "Ask Me..." Flyer, you will need the most recent version of Adobe Reader.  Click here to update or download your FREE copy of Adobe Reader.

"Ask Me..." Flyer - [Full color]

"Ask Me..." Flyer - [Greyscale]


Button Cards  Our 4x6 Button Cards have been created specifically for the "Ask Me About Cloth Diapers" pins available here.  The following .pdf prints two to a page and will be more functional if printed out on cardstock.  Button Cards, with "Ask Me About Cloth Diapers" buttons affixed, can be passed out at cloth diapering meetings, placed in the customer packages of cloth diapering businesses, as well as sold or given away at your local Real Diaper Circle meetings.

To read and download the following Button Card, you will need the most recent version of Adobe Reader.  Click here to update or download your FREE copy of Adobe Reader.

"Ask Me About Cloth Diapers" Button Card - [Download]


"Ask Me About Cloth Diapers" Buttons and Banners.  Please save the preferred button or banner to YOUR SERVER. Not sure how to do this? Right click on the button or banner you have chosen below and save it to your computer. Then, upload to your site's image files.

Button - 88x31

Button - 120x60

Banner - 125x125

Banner - 468x60